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Unspoken: Conversations with Candace (Guest: Lori Poland)

Join us for a special LIVE edition of Unspoken: Conversations with Candace on Monday, August 28 at 7pm ET. Season 3 has been dedicated to male survivors of sexual abuse. This month, we will be joined by Lori Poland, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN).

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You may need to press play when the event starts at 7pm ET / 6pm CT.

Season 3 of Unspoken: Conversations with Candace is dedicated to male survivors of sexual abuse.

Candace Sanchez is the Host. I was the guest on the first episode and am the co-host for the rest of the season.

I am helping to produce the season with the support of Digimentors (pro bono). Click here for more on my story. | Click here to watch my interview.


EndCAN / Review of Recent Episodes

We'll learn more about Lori's work and look back on some of what we've learned about forgiveness, guilt and more from three of our guests: Kenneth Rogers, Jr.; Nathan Spiteri and Callen Harty.

Candace is organizing an EndCAN walk in Milwaukee on September 16.

For our next show, September 25, our guest will be Cathy Studer. She's organizing an EndCAN Walk in Columbus, Ohio on September 17. We'll talk about the two EndCAN walks and revisit highlights of our conversations with James Turner, Michael Koplinka-Lehr and Shawn Hittman.

I was the first guest for this season and have been Candace's co-host. Digimentors is providing pro bono production support. Thank you to Jeff Tjugum for also supporting this work.


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