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2022 12 29 Lobster Trap Tree and Sunset (13).jpg

Lobster Trap Tree / Sunset
Stonington, CT

December 2022

Stonington, Conn (Dec. 29, 2022) -- We visited the Lobster Trap Tree in Stonington, Connecticut. Admittedly, I was more interested in the gorgeous sunset than the tree itself. The "tree" is made up of lobster traps and buoys painted by artists and local children. It's only ten minutes from Mystic.

My advice would be to check the time for sunset, find the corner across the parking lot where you have a view of the water. Then, go back and check out the tree.  

In the slideshow below, watch the sunset as it progresses from 4:31pm to 5:21pm.
2022 12 29 Lobster Trap Tree and Sunset (43).jpg
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